Facebook’s New Look (Don’t be afraid)

Lately I have heard a lot of buzz around Facebook’s announcement of the new design of their “improved profile”. The new profile page will be tabbed at the top instead of one long page, with tabs for: the Wall, About and Photos.

One thing that surprised me this morning is that they will not initially be adding a separate tab for applications. It seems odd, since such a popular (and most would say important) part of their platform would not warrant its own tab. You can see Pete Bratach’s post on the Facebook Developers blog about  the frequently asked questions on the new profile.

When a big change like this happens, everyone starts to get nervous and speak out against the whole platform and how it is changing for the worse. If you think back though, there hasn’t been a change that Facebook has made which has not turned out to be a good decision. Take the mini-feed for instance. When the mini-feed launched there was general outrage. Since that point,  the feed has become the biggest news agent in the world. And wouldn’t you feel out of the loop if you didn’t know your friend Jeff just added a new interest to his profile? Or that Jill just started dating that kid from your algebra class? You get the point. So when the new profile is launched in early April, give it a chance. You just may like it.

UPDATE – Applications will be able to creat their own tabs in your user profile … but only 3 of them. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of competition between app developers to create some good ones that will be worth creating a separate tab for.


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