iPhone’s SDK already a success

Since I have been introduced into the world of web 2.0, I have felt that mobile technology would be the next “big thing” in internet technology. I can’t say it’s a novel idea by me, it’s just that we are a society that is hell-bent on getting things done quickly, efficiently, and most of all, conveniently. Nothing could be more convenient that pulling out your cell phone while you’re on the train to work to figure out your schedule for the day or what your stocks are up to.

Now that that’s been said, I just read an article about iPhone’s SDK on CNet.com that Apple recently launched for application developers. The developers kit was launched last Thursday after an event at its headquarters, and as of Sunday it had been downloaded by 100,000 developers. Not too shabby for only four days on the market. I feel like this shows the huge market potential for mobile technology and integration with new social media. Already, MyLoki has come up with a wildly popular application that allows others to see exactly where in the world you are located so you can meet up with friends or meet new people. Others have had recent success with the release of the program as well, such as Namco and Six Apart. (We can’t forget that Apple is going to make a pretty penny on this, too. It’s $99 to join the iPhone Developer Program. Smart folks over there, eh?)

I believe a lot of really useful applications are going to come as a result of the iPhone SDK. What do you think?


One Response to iPhone’s SDK already a success

  1. Nick says:

    As a user, I’m stoked…the development kit is amazing. It allows developers to access all kinds of information from within the iPhone stretching from something as simple as your contacts list all the way to finding your location in the world through cell tower triangulation and seemingly everything in-between. The AIM program shown in apple’s press conference along with games by SEGA (Super Monkey Ball) and EA (iPhone version of Spore) were definitely standouts (especially since the phone should’ve had an ichat client in it from the beginning). I don’t know how much you’ve checked out about it yet but you should take 20 minutes to flick through the apple keynote event on iTunes or apple.com/iphone

    Also…griffmcg sucks…

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