Google for Non-Profits

Earlier today Google launched a new portal aimed specifically at non-profit organizations called – not surprisingly – Google for Non-Profits. This is great news in my eyes. I have recently been working with a few non-profit organizations in and around the New Haven, CT area and trying to help them promote their causes via the internet and web 2.0. Now that Google has taken this new leap in helping these organizations, I feel that it will be easier for them to spread awareness easier than ever before.

Some of the thing that Google is providing non-profits with are: grants through free online advertising (up to $10,000), gadgets to interact with users, Google-hosted email for customized domains, Google Checkout to accept donations via the internet, analytics … and the list goes on. I really feel that this is a step in the right direction by helping the non-profit sector of the economy. I know that I will be using their services extensively so, thank you Google!

Check out the Official Google Blog for details on the unveiling.


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