Visualizing Social Networks

I have read a few posts lately about people who would like to try to visualize their social networks. This is quite a feat to accomplish, seeing as many people’s networks include thousands of people. Although  many people may not be able to complete such a task, there is a website that showcases people’s attempts to do so. If you want to check it out, it is There are some pretty cool ones, and I would recommend looking at the Digg Community and the Facebook Friend Wheel.If anyone else has succeeded in mapping their social network, let me know!  

Facebook Friend Wheel

One Response to Visualizing Social Networks

  1. Eva Schiffer says:

    Pen, paper, checker’s pieces, board game figures… Net-Map goes the low-tech route of actually drawing your networks. The board game figures symbolize different actors that are put on “influence towers” made of checker’s pieces to indicate their level of influence. As we mostly use Net-Map to analyze situations where people want to achieve certain (often conflicting) goals, we also indicate the goal of the different actors next to them on the map. In my experience it is so much easier for ordinary people to understand and learn from social network visualization that they draw step-by-step, than from clean and finished computer based visualizations. Check it out:

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