View to Comment Ratio

Think about how many blog posts and Twitter updates you look at per day. Now think of how many times you either make a comment or view a post on any of them. Not that many, right?  I would like to know why.

In my fairly young journey into the web 2.0 world I have read more articles than I can count. The amount of times I have commented on other people’s blogs or responded to a question on Twitter can be counted on one hand. Maybe I am alone in this respect, but I don’t think so. Here’s an example: according to, has upwards of 150,000,000 page views per day. I am willing to assume that there are not that many posts per day.

So where are all the views coming from? People want to know what others are saying, but I think that a lot of people aren’t confident enough in their own opinions and thoughts that they are willing to share them with others. It seems to be all about confidence in yourself and your own ideas. No one will know you have great ideas until you show them to the world.

The view to comment ratio on this blog is 64.4:1 … I realize this is a young site, but isn’t that a little skewed? People must have thoughts and opinions on the topics I write about. So please, let me know what you are thinking. As a matter of fact, comment on anything you read today.

Do you think you have the answer to this question? I always love to hear your thoughts and opinions.


4 Responses to View to Comment Ratio

  1. erinstraza says:

    I was pondering my view to comment ratio, decided to do a post on it. So first did a search (of course!) to see what other sources I find on the matter. And here you are! Wondering the same thing. Earlier today I decided to calculate my ratio, and it is almost a match to yours! 64.37:1 Fascinating! I’ll be posting today and linking to you. Hope it bumps your ratio to 64:5:1. 🙂

  2. griffmcg54 says:

    Thanks Erin. It’s interesting to see that the two ratios are so close. I’ll have to do some more research on it. Good luck to you trying to figure it out!

  3. […] we wanderers must stick together to survive the wasteland.) Then I did a quick search and found griffmcg54 wondering about the thing! He proposes that bloggers may be hiding behind their computers, lacking […]

  4. Cialis says:

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