Google’s Street View Creeps me Out

I’ve waited a while to write this post mainly just because I thought, “Give it time, maybe it’ll be cool!” I was wrong. Google Street View just plain gives me the creeps.

Maybe it’s just the Big Brother vibe it gives off, but I keep reading stories about people who have been sighted through front windows of their houses, and now people are using it to check out houses to buy before they even get in their car to go visit it. How would you feel if you were standing on the corner picking your nose (or maybe something worse) while the picture was taken? Doesn’t this seem a little bit strange to anyone else?

The best thing about it, though, is that a picture of the new Google office in San Francisco isn’t included on Street View. Oh, my! Has Google made a product that even they are afraid to use? Give me a break.

Does anyone out there think that this is a cool feature? Anyone? I’d like to hear why.


2 Responses to Google’s Street View Creeps me Out

  1. Lindsay McAuliffe says:

    What is this Google street view exactly? I was checking out Google earth again because of your post, and found my house which had previously not been on Google earth because apparently they hadn’t updated since my house was built, and the detail of the Villanova campus is ridiculously. Personally, I think it’s really cool. What would be way cooler would be if it was like a live web cam. Now THAT would be creepy. So is street view something different, or is it just what I’m looking at?

  2. griffmcg54 says:

    Street view is when Google posts actual pictures of houses and buildings. It’s controversial because people are finding themselves in the pictures. But yes, live web cam would be very weird.

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