Video on Flickr … What’s the Big Deal?

Flickr recently added the video feature to their photo sharing website. This move has caused quite a stir in the Flickr community. What I am trying to figure out is why so many people are getting so angry about the new addition. Like they say on the web site, “It’s like a photo, but it moves!”

Personally, I think think the addition of video is a great idea. It suddenly opened up a whole new market that was not able to use the photo sharing site. Good thing for the users, good thing for Flickr. Plus, the videos are only allowed to be 90 seconds long. It’s pretty hard to abuse the function in that amount of time.

Flickr is also a place for artists unlike YouTube which is a place for anyone to post a video. That doesn’t necessarily mean that people won’t join solely for the video capabilities, but it leads me to think that the videos won’t just be about internet crazes and music videos. I feel it will be used more to capture quick snippets of events and maybe to comment on something that is going on either with your own or someone else’s work on the site.

So what is all the fuss about? What do you think about the new feature? Am I totally off base? Let me know!


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