It Was Refreshing

I did an interesting thing this weekend, at least for me. I decided not to use the internet. It worked for the most part (I had to check email for school). The most interesting thing that I found is how little I missed using it. Usually when I get used to doing something day after day, I feel like a part of me is missing when I don’t do it for more than a day. This time, I felt a little bit liberated.

I was free from internet gossip about who’s being sold to whom and I didn’t hear a word about Microsoft/Yahoo. I figured that I would at least miss one huge news story. Turns out I didn’t miss a thing (other than the 300 blog posts I found in my reader on Sunday night). Maybe it was really good timing to do this because I checked Twitter 5 times (I know, a small cheat) and there weren’t more than 20 updates the whole weekend. I later found out that the site was working just enough to let a few updates through.

One thing I did find, though, is that the things I missed were the least important. I missed watching Gary V’s WLTV shows Thursday and Friday. I also missed seeing what everyone else was up to on Twitter (but so did everyone else). Most of all, though, I was constantly thinking about people who would miss this blog. I have no idea if anyone really loves it, but I really like writing for you.

An internet break may not be as easy for most as it was for me, but I would definitely recommend it once in a while. Has anyone else tried this recently? Why or why not? Let me know!


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