My Carbon Footprint on Earth Day

As I’m sure everyone knows, yesterday (4/22) was Earth Day. Every year up until now I have enjoyed Earth Day and everything that it stands for, but I never really was into participating in it. This year, with gas and energy prices becoming so high, I have had a lot more interest in the whole green movement. Yesterday I wanted to see how much of an impact I am having on the environment around me, so I hopped over to and calculated my carbon footprint. The results are below.

I had no idea what to expect, and the results totally astounded me. Every year, I am personally throwing 15.299 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere … that’s 33,657.8 pounds! I felt a little bit better about myself when I saw that I was below the country average, but to see the world target and how low it was was a real bummer. It made me think long and hard about what I can do differently.

There are a lot of easy ways to try to lessen our impact on the earth. From now on, I know that I am only going to buy low energy and LED lights whenever needed, and it’s also really easy to buy rechargeable batteries. These are both fairly low-cost alternatives. You may also opt to buy Energy Star rated appliances as well. You can also buy organic foods, and just plain recycle anything that can be recycled. There are also some cool alternatives to everyday accessories like these solar powered backpacks that charge your electronics with energy stored from solar panels. Just try to remember that we can help make a change for the better.

What are some other easy alternatives to help reduce our impact on the earth? I’d love to hear from you!


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