Could You Sell Your Life?

Many people heard about Andrew Baron trying to sell his Twitter account on eBay a few weeks back, stating that he thought others would have a better use for it. When the bids started to reach into the thousand dollar range, he suddenly had a change of heart and revoked the offer to sell. There was a mixed reaction to this sale, but it proved to be harmless. No imagine this: a man that is so haunted by his memories that he is willing to sell his life. Everything he owns, including his friends, family and job.

Ian Usher, a 44-year-old man who lives in Australia is doing just that. His marriage of 5 years ended abruptly and he does not want to have any ties to it anymore. He is putting his house, car, motorcycle, jet ski, furniture, his job and even his friends up for sale in one “life auction” on eBay.

There are two things that bother me about this story. The first is that he thinks that selling all his belongings and leaving his friends will somehow erase the painful memories that he gets when he is around all of them. Unfortunately, he will realize that his mind is more powerful than he thinks, and that memories are close to impossible to erase. Starting over will only mask the pain because ignoring a problem usually only leads to it blowing up in your face at a later point.

The second thing that bothers me is that people are already putting a valuation on how much the bidding will reach. The fact that people are supporting this auction (and that someone will most likely be willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for it) is very disturbing. I can’t even imagine trying to pick up someone’s life where it left off. It seems that a person who would do that would be in just as bad a state as Ian himself is.

Maybe this whole thing is just a publicity stunt, though, and this man is looking for a quick way to make it on the news and put a few bucks in his pocket. If so, it brings up even more questions about mental stability. Either way, I hope that he finds a way to end the pain and anguish he is going through.

What do you think about a “life sale”? Will it fix the problem or just bring about new ones? Let me know what you think.


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