What’s up With Plurk?

It seems that with all the downtime that Twitter users have been facing, people have gone out and tried to start their own micro-blogging, life-casting Twitter clones to try to pick up the slack (or pick up users who just can’t stand the downtime). The one that seems to have attracted the most attention is Plurk. Weird name. Weird logo too, but that’s besides the point.

Actually, it may not be besides the point. I’ve been checking out the site over the past few days, and pretty much everything about it seems weird to me. The most striking oddity is the backwards-chronological horizontal time line. Really, right to left? And what’s up with putting “plurks” willy-nilly throughout the time line? It’s just plain hard to follow. Guy Kawasaki agrees (on Twitter, heh) and I think he’s right. People are just going to either: a) get bored with it, or b) become overwhelmed by the lack of organization.

Don’t think that I’m hating on it just because I like Twitter, because I certainly am becoming tired of the constant downtime. I’m hating on it because it relies on gimmicks to keep you engaged (what is the point of Karma?) and I think it’s VERY poorly designed (in terms of UI). Those are two things that immediately turn me off of a site like that. Hopefully either Plurk will wise up and tweak the UI a little, or Twitter will solve their scalability issues because I’m definitely starting to get peeved.

Feel free to let me know how you feel about Plurk, or any other service for that matter. Why not send me a message on Plurk and set me straight?


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