How Does Social Media Affect You?

While many people have already realized the benefits of social media and social utilities, there are still many others who have not yet realized how it can help them or even that there are real uses for it. Sometimes it amazes me to see these differences in the population when some people utilize tools and others refuse to try.

While I do see the great aspects of an online life, I also see why people may not be as enthusiastic about the industry. There is a definite lack of privacy and unless you know what you are really looking for, there can be an information overload. I’ve managed to get past the negative aspects to find the following ways that social media has managed to benefit me:

Information: Being connected to hundreds of people online via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has led to many question and answer sessions with my connections. It is a great way to find people with a lot of knowledge in a specific area instead of trying to Google the answer to an obscure question.

Connections: Social media led to a great job over the past few months, and hopefully it will allow me to continue in that field in the future.

Ability to voice opinions: The internet is not just a one-way street anymore. Anyone who has an opinion can share it with the masses, and it has allowed me to have my own voice and share my opinions.

Fun: When all else fails, the internet is always a great place to unwind and have some fun. Social gaming has always been a favorite of mine, and it is a great way to connect with more people that share your interests and passions.

The key to social media is that there are infinite ways to make it work for you. So I pose the question – how do you utilize social media? What aspects do you like or dislike? Do you use it for work or play, to learn or to share? I’m very interested to study what others think about the subject. Let me know!


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