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The New View on Web 2.0 was started by two hard working college students in the Greater NYC area. One of us is entrepreneurial in spirit and fairly tech savvy, while the other is a graphic designer looking to become the next big deal. Together we have our views on how businesses should be run, how new products should be designed and how we would like the internet to work for us.

Neither of us proclaim ourselves to be experts on anything, but we do know more than a lot of people. We are just beginning our journey into the world of Web 2.0 and we believe that our views and opinions on many subject matters can be helpful, funny and sometimes even insightful. Our youth and education give us a new and different perspective on current trends and industry news.

We hope that you enjoy our New View on the world of Web 2.0 business. Don’t hesitate to post comments or give us some input on what you would like to hear about.

Griff McGrath
Author & Creator

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