Information Overload

July 2, 2008

I have recently been absent from the blogging scene due to some life changes. New job (which is great), lots of travel (which is not so great), and a big move. Now that I have come back to reality, I am finding more and more that there is way too much information and news for any one person to follow on any given day. Whether it is sports, world, financial, or technology (my personal favorite), how can someone keep up?

There are a lot of news aggregators out there. I use Bloglines to get my daily fix. Recently, though, I have found myself clicking the “Mark All Read” button fairly often. Is it because I don’t like the stories that I am reading? No, not usually. The problem that I am beginning to see is redundancy.

How many times have you looked through your news feeds to see the same story three, four or even five times in different places? Way too many, I say.

So how can we solve this? Is anyone else seeing the same thing? I love to read about almost everything, but it seems that this industry has just become a pool of copycats trying to churn out the stories fast and furious. Is that what we have become?

How about we start focusing on quality and not quantity. I’m sure it would be better for all involved.

How do you feel about information overload and redundancy? Let me know.