Revision3 Misses Big Time for WLTV

July 10, 2008

I was excited tonight when I checked Twitter to see that Wine Library TV‘s 500th episode was streaming live on Revision3. Everything was going great, I got to see Gary trash talk some 49ers fans, heckle a man for not drinking the featured wine, and swear a couple of times. Then it happened.

Connection lost.

I’ve been waiting for the feed to reconnect for about 20 minutes now, and from all the chatter in the chat room I can see that I’m not alone. As one of the guests wrote, “Wow. Total failure at this point”.

I would have thought by now that companies would have figured out that if you’re going to have a huge audience, you should be able to handle the traffic. Unfortunately scaling isn’t high on anyone’s priority list lately (ahem *Twitter). Hopefully someone will figure it out soon.

Did anyone get to watch the episode live? Let me know how it was.